Sunday, September 24, 2006

Danny The Dustcart

Sarah, my sister, has worked with her husband Daniel Roberts on a great little children's book.

Not what I usually talk about, but I am brimming with the pride of an older brother, so forgive the gushing ;-)

Seriously though, if you have young kids with an interest in Dustcarts, this book will delight them.

Get them here.

Star Trek Remastered

Well, after watching the first of the reproduced episodes, I would post it under the Pretty Good category.

The new visual effects worked, were in the correct style for the series, and did not jump out at you.

Also, I really enjoyed hearing the Star Trek theme re-recorded.

I have 2 products I want to see:

  1. The new versions of the Star Trek series on DVD, similar in vein to the Star Trek season box-sets that are available, and some behind-the-scenes information about the changes and restoration work done.
  2. The remastered Star Trek theme on CD or DVD-Audio, perhaps however many versions of the theme that were recorded (for each season of Star Trek).

I know it'll be a while before the former, and the latter may never happen, but I can always hope.