Sunday, September 24, 2006

Star Trek Remastered

Well, after watching the first of the reproduced episodes, I would post it under the Pretty Good category.

The new visual effects worked, were in the correct style for the series, and did not jump out at you.

Also, I really enjoyed hearing the Star Trek theme re-recorded.

I have 2 products I want to see:

  1. The new versions of the Star Trek series on DVD, similar in vein to the Star Trek season box-sets that are available, and some behind-the-scenes information about the changes and restoration work done.
  2. The remastered Star Trek theme on CD or DVD-Audio, perhaps however many versions of the theme that were recorded (for each season of Star Trek).

I know it'll be a while before the former, and the latter may never happen, but I can always hope.

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