Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Visual Studio 2008 - Launch Event Freebies

It is unfortunate, but many IT Professionals cannot afford on a personal budget to get hold of the development tools for creating software.

I was pleased, however, when the Visual Studio 2005 Launch Event came up.

Well, what do you know... they were giving SQL Server 2005 Standard (with 1 CAL), Visual Studio 2005 Standard, and an online IOU to download BizTalk Server once it was released.

Score !!!

And before that, I went to an Office 2003 Launch Event and got Office 2003 Professional and OneNote 2003 as freebies.

In addition, I got Visual Basic .net 2003 as part of the Office 2003 development tools, and and yet ANOTHER copy of Office 2003 Professional, since the first license given did not have development capabilities.

Well, I managed to cajole my boss into letting me go to the Visual Studio 2008 Launch event.

And guess what: I'll be getting VS 2008 for free, and versions of Windows Server 2008 (probably a 180 day trial) and SQL Server 2008.

So, Thank you Microsoft for the freebies. I am putting them to good use.

If only I'd gotten to the Office 2007 launch event ...


Allen said...

And you didn't invite me to go along :)

Colonel A. Hohensee
Colonial Defense Forces.

One Buck Films said...

You know how to get on these. When VS 2010 or the next version of Office are released, I'm there.